A elderly driver got stuck on the back roads of Newaygo County, but fortunately, good neighbors were looking out for him.

The old guy was on a muddy dirt road when he got stuck, and thanks to some caring tow truck drivers, he's fine today after his weekend adventure.

According to our news partner, FOX 17, the unidentified man from Diamond Lake got stuck taking a short cut home from thanksgiving dinner at a relatives house near White Cloud.

He called 911, who dispatched Jerry's Towing and Recovery to help the man.

"One of the two wrecker drivers told me he didn't know if they were going to be able to get to him being that they made it this far and couldn't see how many holes were still there," Emily Paulsen, with Jerry's Towing & Recovery told FOX 17 News.


"My first thought with him being an older gentleman was that we have to get him out of there before it got freezing cold."


Unable to walk on his own, the drivers parked their cars. With the man in their arms, they walked back and forth through several muddy holes to make sure he was safe.


On Black Friday, the crew took some of their own time to go back to the site and get the car out. Emily said there have been situations on the trails where people's cars have been vandalized or impounded so they knew they had to get it out sooner rather than later.

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