I love these videos. They're cool on the computer but amazing when you watch them on your phone! 


Virtual reality footage of University of Michigan's campus captured by the Discovery Channel in summer 2016 and set to The Victors being played on the historic Frieze Memorial Organ in Hill Auditorium.

University of Michigan via YouTube

At the beginning of this years football season, my wife and I went over to our friends house to watch the University of Michigan game. My buddy Jake and I started talking about these kind of videos. He had never watched one before.

Like I said above these videos are cool to watch on your computer, but they really go next level on your cell phone. As your phone becomes a window into a complete other world.

Sure you could get one of those fancy head sets, but really, I don't feel like I need it for these kind of videos. Besides you strap one of those on and suddenly you become the joke in the room touch his shoulder, freak him out.

Nah, I'll just hold my phone up like I'm viewing a roller coaster ride, or go on a trip to Australia through a portal.

These 360 videos really take living vicariously to another level.