A new bar will be opening in Grand Rapids. The unique thing about the establishment is that it won't be serving alcohol.

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Bux Dhyne is a drag performer and an artist in Grand Rapids. When they hit the stage, they transform into Star Buxum. Dhyne noticed that they have few venues to perform in and they all serve alcohol. So, they decided to open their own dry nightclub right in the middle of Beer City.

Dhyne told WZZM,

"We are a city so focused on and have normalized alcohol so much. It just goes hand-and-hand to have a place for people to go and not drink, and have all these awesome places we already have, to drink."

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Dhyne's plan is to have Joule's Molly House open by spring of 2022. Currently, Dhyne is still fundraising for the venue. They hope to have a location secured in the Heartside and Arena district. They added,

"The point of the bar is to open a place that is party-party, but no alcohol. So, it’s really inclusive and a place for everybody."

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Dhyne is not actually sober themself. However, they said many people in the LGBTQ+ community struggle with addiction or have other reasons not to drink. Dhyne is raising money on Patronicity because they hope to get the spot opened without taking out a loan. Of the name, Dhyne said "Joule's" represents a measure of energy, while a "Molly House" was a Victorian gay bar.

PM_ME_Venus_Dimples commented on Grand Rapids Reddit,

"A dry nightclub seems like a great idea. You get to avoid all the nastiness that comes with alcohol and liquor licenses."

OMalley weighed in on the business plan,

"I have a hard time seeing how they'll make good money unless they wildly overcharge for everything."