A Michigan man learned the hard way, that when being chased by the police, a canoe is NOT a good getaway vehicle, especially in a pond.

Poor Hendrick Westers. He likes to grow marijuana, and that's not a good idea, because it's not legal in Michigan. Yet. (You can vote to make it legal in November).

So when the cops showed up at his Sanilac County farm a few weeks back to investigate the over 700 reefer plants growing there, Westers made a dash for it in his canoe.

Unfortunately, the only body of water nearby was a big pond on the property, and the police just waited old Westers out. Not that a river would have been much better, as they would have just waited for him downstream.

The 60 year old man was arraigned on drug charges (he didn't a medical grow permit) and resisting arrest. He is out on bail and has yet to comment.



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