From time to time, I think about getting another dog. Recently I saw the story of Yari, a dog in England who can load the dishwasher. If only I had a dog that could do that!

Yari has been trained to pick up dishes and containers with his teeth, and then place the items in the dishwasher rack. He then nudges the dishes into place with his nose and finally, closes the dishwasher with his head.

His owner said it took daily training to get Yari to be such a great assistant. They spent 20 minutes a day practicing for the basic stuff, and then up to 40 minutes a day for the more complex chores.

Here is a video of Yari loading the dishwasher...

Apparently Yari is not the only dog who is trained to help around the house. I also found a video of a dog named Rancho who helps with the laundry...

And then there was this little guy named Jesse...

If I had a canine like any of the three dogs above I would be a happy camper. I hate doing the dishes, I had doing laundry, and I hate cleaning the house.

In the past, I've considered myself lucky if I could train my dogs to "sit", "stay", and maybe "shake" or "high five". I did have an Old English Sheepdog named "Barney" that would open the refrigerator and grab a can of beer (and whatever else he wanted for himself!). I can't even imagine the training that goes into training your pooch to do chores around the house. Imagine if your dog could shovel snow!

Does anyone have a dog with a unique talent? I'd love to hear about it! Email me at


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