City officials are making every effort to bring life back to normal for people in Pilger, Nebraska.

In case you’ve forgotten, that’s the town that was decimated by twin tornadoes a week ago.  

The village will officially “open” Monday night at eight.

Starting Tuesday, trash services will resume as normal. 

This means residents, whose homes are still liveable, are allowed to sleep in their own beds once again. Many of the homes have electricity and running water, but city officials want to remind residents there is still a boiling alert in place until later this week.

There is still a need for extra helping hands, and one of those who turned up this week was Poison's Bret Michaels, who used a day off from touring to help clean up Pilger. His visit began with a tour of the town and a meet and greet with community members.

According to KTIV, Michaels told Pilger residents that he's going to do all that he can to help rebuild the town.  He’s even mentioned organizing a benefit concert near Pilger to help raise money.

"When you see something on TV, it's devastating. But when you actually get to see it and feel it and talk to the human lives that were affected, it is really emotional,” Michaels said. "I got very emotional.”

Why does he care so much? Both of Michaels' sisters live in Omaha, which he says makes him feel like he has close ties to the state.

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