Back on Election Day, voters in Grand Rapids had a proposal to vote on that would change the years we voted to elect city officials from odd years, over to even years, like the state and national elections happen. The idea behind the change was that holding elections in “off” years from the other elections cost taxpayers even more money, so the move was hailed as a money-saver, but also a chance to make sure more people got out and voted in local elections, which are just as important and sometimes more impactful on our everyday individual lives.

As WOOD TV8 reports, that proposal passed and will now be changed as will another proposal which stops candidates avoiding November run-offs just because they win enough of the votes, percentage-wise in the primary. WOOD TV8 says the group behind the changes cited higher voter turn-out on both proposals.

There’s some other good news from Election Day, locally. WOOD TV8 also says that Godfrey-Lee Public Schools will now be able to rebuild the part of Lee Middle School which partially collapsed last year as well as adding some new additions including a new A/C system, a new band room, a community wellness center, adding more disability accessibility and some other safety need, as voters passed a 30-year $1.78 million bond.


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