Mark Sellers is closing the Viceroy. His downtown speakeasy-type bar is going to have new life as an expanded Stella's Lounge. Stella's has become quite the downtown hit. Cheap, strong drinks, retro style video games and pinball machines, and a stuffed burger that made national headlines.

High overhead (those pricey drinks don't make themselves) small crowds and a busy lounge right next door made the decision easy for Sellers. His wife loved the idea of the difficult to make but easy to drink bar, but not many else did. A nice article on Mlive "Mark Sellers explains decision to close The Viceroy, expand Stella's Lounge in Grand Rapids" explains it like this:

"I think the concept works, but it didn’t work for us partly because of the location, as well as the shared bathrooms with another bar that didn’t have the same crowd,” he said. “Maybe we could do it again somewhere else, but it would be purely for fun. I would never do it again as a project to make money.” Speaking hypothetically, Sellers suggested the East Hills business district along Cherry Street near Brewery Vivant as a good place for someone to give The Viceroy concept a shot. “It has to be a small place in order to survive with a small crowd, low overhead and be in an area where people are looking for something higher end, out of the ordinary.”

Stella's will sell the Viceroy's drink menu, along with the famous burgers and cans of PBR. Ms. Pac Man me too!


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