Did you know Grand Rapids has over 100 brightly colored murals on the sides buildings, streets and even on utility boxes? And now there's a guide for you to see every one of them.

Even before the inception of ArtPrize over 10 years ago, Grand Rapids has had a very vibrant and active Arts scene, and local and national artists alike have painted murals in and on public spaces throughout our city.

And now thanks to GRKids.com, there is a guide to go on walking or driving tours of Grand Rapids to see every one of them.

The guide, which is at the bottom of the page of this link, takes you on a neighborhood by neighborhood guide to all the murals in not only GR, but also Holland and Muskegon as well.

Here's the guide for Creston, if you want to explore one of the hottest zips in the country. (Yay, Creston!)

So after you take in all the delights of ArtPrize's 'Project 1', take in some of the city's murals as well, many of them left behind by artists from ArtPrize's past.




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