Whether you like it or not, we in America invented fast food.  And it has changed the way live our lives. Now, everywhere people are enjoying "Fast Food". In fact, some of the more exotic fast foods are not available here in the USA.

SuperBooyah.com gives us a rundown of some awesome fast food items are not available in America.







  • The McDonald's Bacon Potato Pie (Japan)
  • Burger King Nacho Burger (Netherlands)
  • McDonald's Fried French Cheese Nuggets (France)
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  • McDonald's Trio Poutine Fries With Cheese Curd and Gravy (Canada)
  • The Burger King Windows 7 Stack Whopper (Japan)
  • Pizza Hut Mini Corn Dog Crust Pizza (Japan)
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    That's right, they serve beer at McDonald's in France.  Do you think the time has come for Beer served at American McDonalds?


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