The Palace Of Auburn Hills is set to close after Bob Seger plays there one last time on September 23rd.  As the venue closes,  I will look back at some of the shows I have had the chance to see at the arena.  First up Steely Dan in 1993.

This show happens to be not only the first show I saw at The Palace but also the first time I saw Steely Dan live.   This show was also the first time that Donald Fagen and Walter Becker played live as Steely Dan since 1974.

I wasn't sure what to expect.  First off there was an instrumental overture that featured a few of their classic songs.   It showcased the band which they would end up doing a lot in the years ahead.

Don and Walter came out and the band launched into "Green Earrings" and then another barn burner, "Bodhisattva".   Through out the evening the band would play their classics along with Donald's solo songs.   This show saw the debut of a few Walter solo songs that would eventually be apart of his first album, "11 Tracks of Whack".

This show was an important part of not only my final years in high school but my college years and my early years in radio.   It is on the list my top 5 favorite shows and I was lucky to have seen it.

Unfortunately there is no video from the show but there is a rough audience recording which you can hear.   It gives you an idea what their show was like at that time. You can check out the full set list here.

I went on to see Steely Dan again back in 2009 and they remain one of my all time favorites.    Sadly Walter Becker passed away this past weekend but as long as Donald is still out there their music will continue.

Bonus Video: Mckellyism-Talk Slower




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