If you watched WOOD TV-8 for local news back in the 70s and 80s, you will remember the name Dick Evans. His stories were called "On The Michigan Road". Dick would cross cross the state with a photo journalist to bring us stories of some of the popular places in our state. He would find some gems -- very cool stories about people in our state or places you had never heard of that had an interesting story.

What a perfect job in broadcasting. Getting to travel around the state, visiting cool places, meeting interesting people, telling their stories, and getting paid for it!

In December 1990, Dick put together a show of the Best Stories that he shared with west Michigan. You can see the first half of that show below...

One of my favorite reports that Dick did was in 1976, when he and a photographer climbed to the top of one of the uprights of the Mackinac Bridge. (I still hope to do that some day!) Here is that story...

Dick attempted to do a follow up to that story in 1991, but he couldn't make it to the top the second time. His photographer Dan Salas was able to get to the top for some spectacular views.

Another "On the Michigan Road"  favorite was when Dick traveled to Burnips in March of 1984 to go "cowback” riding.

A few years ago WOOD TV dug deep in to their archives and aired several of Dick's old stories. You can watch some of them on the WOOD TV-8 website.

Dick passed away in October of 1991 at the age of 66. He has spent more than 40 years in broadcasting telling stories.

Recently posted on YouTube is a video by "michigander man". He visits the grave of Dick Evans and takes a look back at some of Dick's stories.

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