Getting away with attempted murder?

A Michigan man was sentenced to 60 weekend days in jail after being found guilty of trying to poison his wife. A judge made the ruling on Thursday in Macomb County.

Hidden cameras caught 46-year-old Brian Kozlowski putting antihistamines in his [now ex-] wife's coffee for several weeks in July 2018. According to NBC News, Kozlowski's ex became suspicious when she was starting to get sick after drinking the coffee so she installed cameras in her kitchen.

The last coffee that he made for Therese Kozlowski was analyzed and was found to contain 127 milliliters of diphenhydramine.

The equivalent of 8 pills.

Kozlowski was facing 15 years in jail for his crimes yet somehow only received 60 days, and on weekends nonetheless. Prosecutors are just as baffled as you are. Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith Tweeted his disbelief on Thursday calling the ruling a "slap on the wrist."

NBC says they plan on appealing the decision.

You can see in the video below Kozlowski actually pouring the pills in the coffee pot.

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