A week ago a couple in Australia said their "I Do's" in a Costco and if you thought getting married in a big-box store was out of the ordinary... what about a furniture store?

WNEM reports that a couple from Mt. Pleasant, Mich. just tied the knot at Art Van on Sunday, 10/1.

The couple, Nicholas and Trish Myers, met in November 2016 where they were both working at Art Van, but different locations. She called his store looking for an item for a customer of hers where they then agreed to meet to do the exchange. From there they called themselves the "Art Van couple"

Trish told WNEM that getting married at the store started off as a joke but quickly became a reality when Trish's boss was on board with the idea. Pretty soon, all of the Art Van members were helping to make this a dream come true (that is if you dream about getting married at Art Van).

Whether the couple had their reception in the store is unknown but hopefully the wedding was not consummated on one of the display beds. Is it a little weird that these two got married at a furniture store? Probably. But at least they each have someone to share a love seat with forever, which is more than I can say about myself.

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