I know what you're thinking... how the hell did she get stuck? I'm still trying to figure that one out myself...

WJRT-TV reports that the 54-year-old woman from Chesaning (Saginaw County), sat in her bathtub on October 15th and wasn't able to reach the handrail [to get up] so she just sat there until she was rescued on October 19th. She told the news station in an interview:

Because (the handrail) was behind me, I couldn't get myself turned around to get a hold of it, that I usually use to get out.

A postal worker noticed that the woman's mail was starting to pile up so he alerted her neighbors who yelled out for her. They called police who then got into her house by climbing through her bathroom window.

She was released after four days in the hospital with no major medical issues or concerns.

She told WJRT-TV she survived by drinking cold water from the bathtub faucet and kept herself warm by running the hot water. She also plans on installing a walk-in shower after her bathtub ordeal.

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