Cade McNamara entered the transfer protocol this week, making it clear he's moving on from Michigan, so here's a toast to you, Cade!

McNamara Led The Wolverines To The 2021 College Football Playoffs

Former Michigan starting quarterback Cade McNamara announced his intentions to enter college football's transfer portal this week. And I wrote this note of gratitude to him:

Hey Cade,

I get it, man. I've been there.

One day, you're leading a group of people and seemingly doing well, and the next day, someone has taken your place. It's happened to me, and I hate that it happened to you.

But I just want you to know I appreciated what you've accomplished in three short years at the University of Michigan.

Ever since you rallied the Wolverines to victory over Rutgers back on that November night during the Covid shutdowns in 2020, I've been a fan.

Michigan v Michigan State
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You are a true leader. The outpouring of support from your teammates shows that not only did they love you, they loved going into battle for you, and as a quarterback, there's no better compliment.

Michigan Spring Game
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Michigan had NEVER been to the College Football Playoffs since it's inception in 2014. They hadn't even made to the finals of the old BCS system that was in place since the Wolverines had won their last national title back in 1997.

You helped get them there.

Michigan v Penn State
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And you did so with a calm presence and clear understanding of your role on the team (THE TEAM! as Bo used to say). In a sports world filled with massive ego and self-aggrandizement, you were an exception. You went about your business and thanked your teammates.

You sought none of the glory. You managed the games well, and when called on, you delivered, almost single handedly keeping the Wolverines in the game against Michigan State back in October of 2021, a loss in perhaps your finest moment.

And that, on that snowy day, you helped Michigan beat Ohio State for the first time in nine years. It was a magical moment.

Ohio State v Michigan
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Best of luck to you in the future, and if you can, go somewhere outside the Big Ten, like, maybe, oh, I don't know, maybe my alma mater Central Michigan. I think they need a solid leader. And the last UM transfer, Shane Morris, did pretty well there. I think you'd look good in Maroon and Gold.

Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl - Georgia v Michigan
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Fire Up, Chips, is what I'm sayin', Cade.

Best wishes,

Jojo Girard

Michigan Breaks Nine Year Skid, Beats Ohio State

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