'Tis the season, and some kind soul is helping to keep the unhoused people downtown a little bit warmer.

While walking through the Veteran's Memorial at Fulton and Division, I noticed scarves, gloves and even some warm winter hats amongst the trees, and even on the statue of Robert B. Chaffee, the famed astronaut.

Are people just tossing away their clothing willy-nilly because we're due for a warm up next week?

Not exactly.

It's part of an effort by some anonymous kind hearted people who have been knitting and buying winter head wear to distribute to the unhoused that populate the downtown area this winter.

I know who some of these people are, and they would not like me outing them, but they have been doing this for a few years now.

So if you know of someone who is lacking winter wear, tell them to keep their eyes on the trees around Vet's Park, Rosa Parks Circle and Heartside Park between now and Christmas.

In past years, the scarves would also reappear when the temps would take a big dip later in the winter.

If you are willing to help out, and knit or buy some winter wear for the unhoused, there are several organizations you you can turn to if you don't want to leave them out.

The AYA Youth Collective could use your donation this winter, as they try and provide warm weather gear for younger people who are homeless.

And the Wyoming Food Pantry could also help distribute warm clothing.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

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