And there's a very good reason too. Not because it was a secret or they didn't really hold it. Oh no, this St Pat's Day parade is an annual tradition. It's just really small. I mean REALLY small. Like one person small.

From "World's smallest St. Patrick's Day Parade is made up of one person" Enterprise, Alabama holds the smallest St Patricks Day parade anywhere.

"Enterprise, Ala., is home to the most wee St. Patrick's Day parade in the world, a brief affair where one local of Irish descent marches from the steps of the courthouse to the town’s Boll Weevil Monument and back in a swift 10 minutes. This quirky tradition started in 1993 when the southern town realized it would never have the largest St. Patty’s day parade, but by gum, it could have the smallest."

Very reminiscent of the "Labor Day Bridge Walk" they hold up north in Horton Bay-the one time home of Ernest Hemingway--near Petoskey. On the same day of the Mackinac Bridge Walk with 50,000 residents, the Horton Bay walk usually is about 200.

Hope your St Patrick's Day was a good and green one!