WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter these properties. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

I did not take these pictures or this video.

Back in 2012, a videographer captured the images below of an area that looks like it might have been part of a town at one time. It’s hard to determine, as there are many vehicles strewn about the landscape, many of them not that old. There’s a school bus, cars, trucks, vans, steam shovels, trailers, tractors, and boats.

To me, it's a sad reminder of an area that didn't last - neighbors who left their homes and had to seek a living elsewhere. It's a group of abandoned homes, clustered in a countryside area, with many, many discarded & dumped vehicles.

There are old brick foundations overgrown with brush (one of them dated 1915), mangled mounds of metal, old one & two-holer outhouses, many crumbling structures with some completely flattened to the ground, abandoned cottages & houses, garages, barns, and birdhouses. Some of these old houses are located way back in the woods. Looking at some of these houses from the outside, they look fine, and some even have house antennas. But going inside, there’s garbage and junk all over the place and it’s obvious these places were abandoned.

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At first I thought maybe this was an old deer camp…but the more I watched the video, the less I figured. This area seems to be approximately 20 miles east of Marquette; there was once a restaurant on M-28 called ‘Hawkeye Red’s Food & Spirits’ and one of its old signs was found in the weeds.

Let me tell ya somethin’ – looking at these pics and the video I’m thinking to myself, there’s no way I would come here alone. Abandoned vehicles, numerous old abandoned structures…makes me think of those movies where a cannibalistic family lives in the backwoods, waiting for strangers and curiosity seekers. They bump ‘em off and then store their vehicles out in the back. That’s what this place reminded me of.
Uh-uh…not me, brother.
There is NO way I would go there alone…not even if it was a bright, sunny day.
Because you never know...someone could still be there...somewhere.

Take a look at the photos, then watch the video and see what you think.

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