AC/DC are one band that most fans have never wanted to hear in an acoustic setting, but based on the evidence of an unexpectedly cool new cover, their songs rock even without the amps plugged in.

It comes to us courtesy of Luca Stricagnoli, a young Italian guitarist whose mastery of the acoustic is on full display throughout his recently released self-titled debut LP — and although the album focuses on Stricagnoli's songwriting, he also made room for a pair of covers, including his distinct take on AC/DC's 1990 hit "Thunderstruck."

You can watch Stricagnoli attack the song in the video above, which proves the wicked "Thunderstruck" riff remains pretty powerful even if it isn't being unleashed through a Marshall stack. Arguably most impressive of all is the fact that he's only 23 — and according to his label bio, he set the guitar aside completely for a number of years in order to focus on his judo training.

"It took some time to convince myself to record," he wrote in a self-deprecating Facebook post announcing the new album. "Like many musicians I’m extremely self-critical, so it has been hard to say, 'I’m going to stop being all paranoid and I’m going to record everything I’ve done up to now.'" Days later, after posting the "Thunderstruck" video, he wrote, "Can you imagine if we manage to obtain so many views that AC/DC see the video and call me to open their concerts? As if ... keep dreaming Luca."

He definitely has our support — and if a 12-year-old can dream of opening for the band, it doesn't seem so crazy to think that Stricagnoli could do it too.

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