When you see someone else try it, it looks bat-crap crazy, but when you tried it, it made perfect sense at the time, didn't it?

The traffic faux pas I'm referring to is the Pearl Street Hustle, or trying to make the Pearl Street exit off southbound 131 after getting off the westbound Ford Freeway (I-196).

It's illegal, and it's clearly stated that you can't, but people try it anyway. Admit it, you've tried.

But after that try, you never did it again.

A guy named MrRoadside616 got footage of this classic GR blunder on his dash cam and shared it on YouTube for the all the honest world to see.

Watch as the white minivan flies out of the off ramp to I-196 and makes that dumbass dash to Pearl, laying a little rubber off those tires as he goes. The scary part is I've seen people try this in the middle of morning rush.

What's the rush there, chief? Trying to get to the Ford Museum before it closes? What could be so damn important that you need to fly across five lanes of traffic? Cut it out.



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