If you are one of the more than 67 million people here in the United States that suffer from allergies, you are miserable here in west Michigan right now. Many people are saying their allergies are worse this year than they have been in the past.

Trees Blooming
Townsquare Media/Scott Winters

The five day forecast from www.pollen.com for Grand Rapids shows very high pollen levels for the next couple of days. The website scores the pollen level on a scale from 1-12. Tuesday we are at a 11.6...almost at the very top of the scale. The forecast for Wednesday goes UP to 11.7. We might get a little relief on Thursday, when the level is predicted to drop down to 8.4.

What is causing all of this suffering? Trees! They are the top allergens right now with Birch, Ash and Poplar trees at the top of the list

Some of the common symptoms include:

  • sneezing
  • wheezing
  • nasal congestion
  • coughing
  • itchy, watery eyes
  • runny nose
  • itchy throat
  • itchy skin
  • fatigue
  • Irritability

How do we deal with these conditions? Most of us turn to allergy relief medicines. There are many good over the counter medications, eye drops, and nasal sprays. Some people also try nasal rinses. The website webmd.com also suggests things like leaving your shoes outside, changing your furnace filters, using an air filter, washing bedding and doing whatever you can possibly do to keep the allergens away.

Good luck. I think it’s time for another allergy pill.

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