In his obituary, printed in yesterday's Detroit Free Press, Al Kaline's family put in something that you could picture Al himself saying. 

Al Kaline didn't have much of an ego. He knew he was good at the game he played, but he never thought that being talented at baseball was something to crow about.

"... Al was always grateful for the love and support fans in the city and the state showed him over the years, as well as for all the Tigers and Major League Baseball provided for him and his family."

and then a note that should be shared by everyone -- in essence, a reminder to look out for your own:

"In lieu of flowers or donations, the Kaline family asks that you reach out to someone you love and check in on them during this unprecedented and challenging time of need, and to be sure to thank our military, police, fire/EMS and front line care givers in any way you can."

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Fans Pay Tribute to Al Kaline

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