For years, a radio DJ named Inetta the Moodsetta has been known for the greatest on-air quitting moment ever when she decided that she had enough at the radio station she worked for in Mobile, Ala.

Well, move over Inetta! A television reporter at a station in Alaska dropped a bombshell Sunday night that puts Inetta to shame.

Charlo Greene, a reporter at KTVA-TV, was wrapping up a story about the Alaska Cannabis Club on Sunday night. She then revealed that she was not only a member of the club, but was its OWNER!

Since that would probably be a conflict of interest with her current job, she decided it would be in her best interest to not work at the TV station anymore, Alaska Dispatch News reported.

How she decided to let them know is the stuff that legends are made of. She simply said: "F*** it, I quit," leaving everyone speechless.

Alaska voters decide Nov. 4 whether or not to legalize recreational use of pot similar to Colorado and Washington.

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