The album will feature sounds recorded at ten State Parks, intermingled with calming music created by Michigan musicians. Give it a listen.

One of the things I love about Michigan is the sounds you can hear when you walk through the woods, or stand along one of the Great Lakes, and now those sounds will be set to music.

The album, 'Sounds of Pure Michigan' will be released state wide on May 22. A listening party will take place May 9 at the Department of Natural Resources Outdoor Adventure Center in Detroit.

Currently, two tracks from the album can be heard at, the state's marketing web site.

The idea for the album came from the state’s tourism arm, Travel Michigan, which is launching the music as part of its Pure Michigan travel campaign. The tracks are composed by local artists, such as John Beltran, Windy & Carl, Greater Alexander, Dave Graw and Todd Modes. It takes listeners on a “virtual, sunrise-to-sunset tour of the state from coast to coast.”

Here's a sampling of the music via Pure Michigan's YouTube page.

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