When you drink your favorite sodas, you’re getting more than just a kick of caffeine.

France’s National Institute of Consumption tested 19 popular carbonated soft drinks and found that 10 — including Coke and Pepsi — contained a very small amount of alcohol.

“It is possible alcohol traces come from the process of making our drink according to its secret recipe,” Coca-Cola executive Michel Pepin acknowledged.

Pepsi also copped to the possibility its drinks come spiked: ”Some soft drinks can contain minute traces of alcohol because of the ingredients used,” said a company spokesman. “However the Pepsi Cola recipe does not contain alcohol.”

Granted the amount of alcohol found in the colas is tiny, around 0.001 percent. Meaning you would have to down more than 10,000 cans to be above the legal limit.

But the discovery could have ramifications for people of some religions. Islam, for example, bans alcohol. Although it wouldn’t be surprising if religious leaders grant some kind of waiver to soda, given the minuscule amount of the intoxicant they contain.

It also wouldn’t be surprising if 15-year-old kids who are locked out of their parents’ liquor cabinets will now slam a six pack of Coke and turn to their friends and say “I think I’m starting to feel it.”

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