Good news!  The all-female spacewalk that was scheduled back in March at the International Space Station but postponed because of a spacesuit shortage, is back on, according to

@Space_Station, the official Twitter of the International Space Station tweeted out that the spacewalk with astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir was back on, scheduled for October 21st.  They also posted a video of the two talking about being female astronauts.

Although she now lives in North Carolina, Christina is originally from Grand Rapids.  Originally in March, she was supposed to go on the spacewalk with another female astronaut, Anne McClain but as explains, they needed a second medium space suit. So she ended up going on the spacewalk with a male astronaut because of the suit sizes on hand.

Well, in September, Jessica joined the team at the I.S.S. and brought an extra space suit with her so now the first all-female spacewalk can happen, reports. They also say Ann won't be a part of the upcoming spacewalk because she's already came back to earth.

No hard feelings on Ann's part, she made the initial decision to have the other astronaut take her place.  Now she is like the rest of us, excited for Christina and Jessica to make history that should have already happened.



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