Between the NFL Lockout and Kris Draper retiring, it could be Sports Radio WFGR! But probably not! The big news--the NFL Lockout is over! The players are smart, they have a tiny bit of leverage in negotiating with the owners, and they took advantage of it.

The players made the owners sweat a little. Any real delay and the owners would have had to start cancelling pre-season games. Who cares, right? Wrong! The OWNERS care. That's cash money in their pockets. Why do you think the owners keep 4 preseason games, when all the talk was to drop it to 2 or 3? Money. Of course it's money.

Each NFL team plays 8 home games a year. That's where the owners make their money. As well as the extra 2 preseason games. Not only do the owners force season ticket holders to pay full price for preseason games, every team also has a pretty lucrative TV deal with local stations to televise preseason games. Start cancelling preseason games, and they there's real money to be lost.

The players know this, and made the owners sweat a little. Good for them!


Alos Kris Draper retired today...Geez, who's left? Lidstrom? I just hope Yzerman or Favre doesn't retire...oh wait. Really? :)