When I first saw this story, I thought the pictures had to be fake--  how could a cat live possibly through that? I was also instantly outraged that there are disgusting, evil people in this world that woud take aim at a cat and shoot it with a bow and arrow.  Amazingly, the  2- year -old orange tabby survived this awful attack. Check out the video after the jump.

Houston's News Channel 12 WCTI  reports that the brave orange kitty, now called "Cupid" was seen walking around Houston for 3 days before anyone could catch him. Finally, a rescue group was able to help Cupid and get him to Brittmore Animal Hospital and Dr. Amanda Taylor.

Dr. Taylor took x-rays and after finding that there were no vital injuries, performed surgery to remove the 18 inch arrow.

Dr. Taylor believes the attack was purposeful: "This definitely wasn't an accident. An orange cat doesn't look like something you hunt for. Luckily, this kitty is a tough one and came out okay."

Cupid is now resting at the vet's office and will be up for adoption soon.