An Amber Alert issued yesterday ended up with the five year old boy who was abducted safe, and his biological father and his friend in jail.

The Alert was issued after five year old Zeph Cunningham was abducted from his mother's home in the eastern Upper Peninsula. The Mom had been hog tied by the assailants, who were identified as the child's biological father George Cunningham and his friend, Jon Stygler.

The Amber Alert, issued Wednesday afternoon, tipped off a Chippewa County resident, who identified the Ford truck the pair was driving, which led sheriff's deputies to a residence off Whitefish Point.

While running surveillance on the house and making contact with the occupants, officers learned that Stygler, Cunningham, and the child had left the truck and were on foot, heading East across Lake Superior towards Canada.

Michigan DNR units and deputies used snowmobiles immediately to start tracking the suspects as they fled through the snow and slush. Both suspects and the five-year-old were found approximately two miles East of the Lake Superior Shoreline.

Stygler and Cunningham were taken into custody without incident.
Five-year-old Zephaniau George Cunningham was safely secured.
All three were checked for exposure when they arrived back to the shore.


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