There’s a good reason why Mac & Cheese, Chocolate and more are called comfort foods, because let’s face it, when we're down there’s nothing better to make us feel good, at least temporarily.

According to a new Harris Poll, 53% of people admit that they eat more when they're stressed, while 67% consider their favorite comfort food as a pick me up. What’s more, no matter how fattening it may be, 66% of people say they don’t feel guilty about indulging in their comfort food fave. Most people say they turn to comfort foods when they’re stressed (45%), have a really bad day (43%) or feel depressed (33%).

Getty Images for NYCWFF
Getty Images for NYCWFF

So, what exactly are American’s favorite comfort foods? Well, pizza is the top choice of 15% of Americans, followed by chocolate and ice cream tied for second (7%), mac & cheese (5%) and chips (4%).

But while pizza is most people’s favorite comfort food overall, that’s not exactly true when they need comforting because they are sick. No surprise, soup is the top comfort food when we are ill, with 60% choosing to slurp, with 22% specifically choosing chicken soup. Other foods that make people feel better when they’re sick include ice cream (3%), toast (2%) and pizza (2%).

Yes, nothing makes me feel better than pizza, until I realize I’ve eaten the whole pie.

What is your favorite comfort food? At what point do you find yourself turning to it most?

Sadly, Meat Loaf failed to make the list. I guess two out of three ain't bad.

Meat Loaf
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