Folks have been debating forever whether a toilet paper roll should be placed with the paper rolling over or under.

It seems to be a hot topic on Facebook right now after someone posted the original 1891 application for the toilet paper patent, where it clearly shows which way the inventor intended the paper to roll.

The battle over how a toilet paper roll should be placed on the holder has been going on probably for decades, but for some reason it has recently gained a new resurgence on Facebook.

Apparently folks on social media have been debating the under or over regarding the toilet paper roll, and it was all sparked by some very old documents.

Fans of the over placement believe they have proof that toilet paper was made to roll over after posting a patent from 1891 titled wrapping or toilet paper roll, in which Albany, N.Y., inventor Seth Wheeler patented the modern roll with tear-off sheets.

It would appear that the illustrations in the patent clearly show the toilet paper roll in the over position.

So, there you have it. I WIN!!!!!

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