Here's another Best of Craigslist post! My list is pretty awesome, and this ad proves why. I have never had to use Craigslist to find a job...yet. But here's a job I might try and score!

So I do an ok Bill Cosby imitation, but Im not sure Id beable to do one well enough for this ad! Although I MIGHT be able to pull off a "Bill Cosy" impersonation...;)

Bill Cosy Impersonators (Grand Rapids)

"So my son is having a grad party and he's unique as all hell! And so, he thought it best to have four or five Bill Cosby impersonators walking around his grad party and just talking to people. Weird, I know but if you can do it then we're interested. You can be white, black, old, young, I don't really give a care. We will also pay probably somewhere around $20-$40 but you'll get free grad party food. We're on a budget. The Cosbys are the necessity though. Email me so we can see if you are good and you know, if you're not weird and all. Thanks!"

Well I like money, and I'm not THAT maybe!