The Wolverines may have come up short in their quest for the College World Series Championship, but they sure had fun along the way, didn't they?!

Dear Wolverine Baseball Team,

I know you're probably a little disappointed right now after losing to Vanderbilt. It hurts because you were so close and many of you will never be back here to get it. I've felt that way in my life, and it's not fun, but I wanted to write to thank you.

Truth be told, I was never much of a college baseball fan, but then you guys took UCLA to a third game in the Super Regional, so I thought I'd check it out. And I'm darn glad I did.

Your team was spirited and fun to watch. Your energy and hustle won me over. "Who are these guys?" I found myself asking, "And why do they enjoy baseball so much?"

So I watched every game you played in the College World Series. I'll be honest. I work early and you guys dominated a few games, so I may have fallen asleep, but you won me over.

The Tigers are miserable this season, and major league baseball has become too analytical and the players don't seem to be enjoying it. Why shell out $200 to go to a game anymore? It's not worth it. Sure, I catch a game on TV every once in a while, but even the announcers seem put out.

You made baseball fun for me again. It was truly enjoyable to watch you guys play. Your love for the game, and more importantly each other, was clearly visible. There was a joy about your team that was different. I have an idea you guys will be friends with each other for life, and that's beautiful.

Vanderbilt was a great team, and a deserving winner, but they don't have what you have.

They don't have to go out in 30 degree weather to practice in early March. They don't have their early April games delayed by snow. They don't have to travel far from home early in the season to get games in. It's rare that a team from the north ever gets as far as you did.

So enjoy your accomplishment, I sure did.

As they used to say in Detroit, Bless You Boys, and GO BLUE!


A Fan

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