I saw a story about the TV industry last week. To paraphrase, it stated that, unlike last year, no shows had been cancelled by Oct. 20.

At this time last year, four shows had already bit the dust. Then this happened.

One show that I predicted -- NBC's "Bad Judge" -- has been relieved of its duties. Along with another new show "A to Z" on NBC and an ABC show "Manhattan Love Story" have all been given the heave ho, Deadline reported.

The only odd thing? The shows will get to finish their early season runs.

According to Deadline:

Following another set of underwhelming numbers last night, NBC has pulled the plug on Thursday freshman comedies "Bad Judge" and "A To Z." They are not being pulled from the schedule — both will stay in the 9 p.m. and 9:30 Thursday slots. Both also will complete their 13-episode original orders. Legal comedy "Bad Judge," starring Kate Walsh, has shot 10 episodes; romantic comedy "A To Z" has finished 11 episodes to date.

"Neither comedy got traction on what has been a very challenging night for NBC, most recently logging a 0.9 ("Bad Judge") and 0.7 ("A To Z") adults 18-49 live-same day ratings last night.

What's more concerning? The networks have no shows really lined up to take the place of these shows, hence why they are letting them run out the string.

And, OF COURSE these shows would fail. Two bad shows with little chance going up against NFL football on CBS.

Of course, the NFL is back on the NFL Network exclusively now, as CBS has gone back to "The Big Bang Theory" and others. Ahh, the memories of "Must See TV" still hang around. Bill Cosby and Ted Danson are spinning in their graves. Wait.

Manae Media/ThinkStock
Manae Media/ThinkStock

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