Here's Michigan's 'Most Fun' Bar according to the web site Thrillist....Now we need your take: where's the most fun bar in the state in your opinion?

My dive bar frequenting days are almost at an end. Oh, sure, I can muster the energy now and then, but a bar like this takes me too much out of me.

According to Thrillist, the most fun bar in Michigan is in Hamtramck, that up and coming city within the city of Detroit.

Whiskey In The Jar is the name of the bar, that has a confused ethnic origin, according to Thrillist:

As you might expect from a Polish bar that shares its name with a legendary Irish drinking song: this place embraces those who like to imbibe. In fact, if you're a first timer you'll be greeted with a gratis shot of Jezynowka (that's Polish blackberry brandy), and if you want more, the shots here are, shall we say, priced to sell. It's the kind of hospitality that draws an eclectically diverse crowd that ensures an equally diverse soundtrack on the jukebox, helping you pass the time in the darkness until you come to, riding a bike home and arriving at the abrupt realization that you do not own a bike. Still, good times.

Perusing their Facebook page, it's clear that the patrons of Whiskey In The Jar enjoy their time imbibing at their establishment.

They have a Paczki Day event. (what could be more Hamtrackian? Nothing.)

They host a music festival every year that features Detroit area live tunes from bands like the Ill Itches. (get it?)

So there you have a slice of Michigan's most fun bar, so now it's your turn.

What fun bars have you been to in Michigan, and more specifically around GR? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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