...not what it used to be. It was, for the longest time, Coca-Cola. And before that Budweiser. And before THAT Marlboro. Now, for the first time, It's a technology company. Steve Jobs would be proud.

The most valuable brand on Earth is Apple. The New York Times has a nice piece about the passing of the torch here "Apple Passes Coca-Cola as Most Valuable Brand"

"Although “Coca-Cola is an efficient, outstanding brand marketer, no doubt about it,” Apple and other leading technology brands have become “very much the poster child of the marketing community.”
That is underscored by the brand in second place in the new report: Google, which rose from fourth place last year. In fact, of the top 10 Best Global Brands for 2013, five are in technology: Apple; Google; Microsoft, No. 5, unchanged from last year; Samsung, 8, compared with 9 last year; and Intel, 9, compared with 8 last year."

We really are becoming obsessed with our phones aren't we?

It's "The Real Thing"