NOT Grand Rapids. I know, right? What the...Don't they know we won the Calder Cup? Actually the Sports Business Journal does a survey every two years ranking the top minor league sports towns in America. And the winner is close to Michigan. and another in the top 10 is too.

The Winner, to Tom Cook's chagrin. is Toledo. The Mud Hens (Tigers AAA affiliate) and the Walleye *the Red Wings ECHL Team) lead the league in attendance and support of the financial area. And FT. Wayne is number 7 on the list, with the Tin Caps, The Komets and the Mad Antz (NBA D League.) Grand Rapids finished 36th. Really? Seems a

Also on the list...Detroit. With the Lions and Pistons...sorry couldn't resist. :)

There's the whole story "Through it all, Toledo keeps sports passion"