2017, the year all the stores we’re used to, closed up. That’s beginning to feel like as we now find out RadioShack is about to close a bunch of their stores.

Now granted, you can find cooler electronics online, but what if you need a CB antenna or an adapter for your headphones, or a cordless phone battery? (Does anyone still have a cordless phone?) or super cool walkie-talkies?? When I was a kid, albeit I was kind of nerdy, but I loved the RadioShack catalog at Christmas.

Two years ago, RadioShack filed for bankruptcy and closed a bunch of stores, and at that time, it left two stores open in the Grand Rapids area; one in Jenison and one in Wyoming. Now in the new round of cuts, the ‘Shack in Jenison will be closing; in all they’re looking to close around 350 stores.

A quick check of RadioShack.com shows they’ve already started the “Store Closing Sale” at the Jennison location, so if there’s something you love at RadioShack, hurry and go see if it’s still in stock and on sale.

I’m off to see if they still have the ‘Cars’ walkie-talkies available.


source:  Consumerist

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