Friday night, February 3rd, Lynyrd Skynyrd hit Grand Rapids' new concert venue, 20 Monroe Live, for a packed show with special guest Laith Al-Saadi. This was my first time seeing the Ann Arbor musician Laith, and he blew me away! Great voice, amazing guitar show!

I have never seen The Voice, and apparently Laith was in the running to win the show in 2016, too! Jojo followed his progress through the show, and you can check out Laith's amazing performances here.

Opening for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Laith's three-piece didn't disappoint. Blues, rock, folk, all sorts of styles all come together in his music, with some amazing guitar shredding as icing on the guitar cake.

Check out the video above, for his song "What It Means". There's not only great guitar shredding, but a full-on bass solo, and drum solo. Musicians can have a nice geek out for eight minutes.

Check out this guy's music, and enjoy!

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