Heritage Landing will be a little quieter this summer. Over the last 14 years, Muskegon's RockStock has been bringing music to the lakeshore but has recently announced a delay until 2023.

RockStock started as a single-day outdoor concert featuring local bands at Hackley Park back in 2008. Over the years RockStock has got bigger and bigger adding more nights of music and has moved locations to Heritage Landing, Muskegon's lakeside park. Heritage Landing had been the home of the longtime lakeshore festival Summer Celebration. When Summer Celebration ended its run in 2011, RockStock moved into the picturesque park.

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RockStock usually coincides with the 4th of July Holiday and had included the Holiday Fireworks Display and a Carnival Midway as part of the festivities.

RockStock had one of its biggest shows in 2019, but like many music festivals over the last few years, it's come to an unfortunate pause. Both 2020 and 2021 concerts were postponed until this summer.

That was until Festival Organizers took to their Facebook Page last week announcing another delay until summer of 2023.

The Muskegon RockStock Music Festival has been postponed for 2022. Many factors play into this difficult decision. In 2023 we do not plan to be during the 4th of July week but a weekend later in the summer. The Carnival will return to the Mart Dock this summer during the week of June 20-26 with details coming later this spring. It has been a privilege to fill the 4th of July festival gap and providing the 4th of July Fireworks for 5 years. Thank you Muskegon!! We hope to see you in 2023!
Lakeshore festival-goers will have to wait another year to rock out in the park. The Carnival Midway will still be stopping through Muskegon from June 20th through the 26th. Fourth of July celebrations are still planned to go on this year at Heritage Landing.

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