Usually the Best of Craigslist ads I make fun of are funny or weird without much help. This one isn't so much that it's weird or funny, but it's very West Michigan. I have lived in the region for 30ish years of my life, so when I saw this, it was pretty dead on.

When I saw the ad "Get Paid to go to Church" I thought to myself "Self, this is West Michigan in a nutshell" Read and maybe you could make money...going to church. And you won't even need to rob the collection plate. God frowns on that.

"Faith Perceptions is a program that is rapidly growing across the United States. We are a consulting firm who sends individuals into churches to evaluate their worship experience. To prevent any bias, churches hire us to find people to evaluate what it's like to visit their church for the first time. We have churches in the area to evaluate. We pay $45 for each completed assignment. Assignment consists of attending a church service and completing an online survey. For more information and to apply, please visit our website at You may also call us during regular business hours: 573.335.1782 with any questions or concerns."


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