If the cold weather wasn't bad enough, now you better open your freezer because Tyson has recalled 36,000 pounds of chicken nuggets that may be contaminated with rubber...no wonder they were so chewy!

According to WZZM, this is a nationwide recall of Tyson all white meat panko chicken nuggets that have been recalled. If you have a five pound plastic package of nuggets dated with a "best if used by date of November 26, 2019"...either toss them or return them to where you purchased them.

Here is a more detailed package code that you will need to check your nugget bag: Look for a product number of 3308SDL03 and if the time stamp is between 23:00 and 01:59 and the USDA inspection mark is P-13556 ...bingo...you have the contaminated nuggets.

The USDA was alerted about the nuggets when a customer noticed an extra material found in the Tyson nuggets.

So far no illness or adverse reactions have been reported...but hey, you bought chicken, not a bag of rubber. If you are concerned about any illness you may feel make sure and contact a doctor.

Here is a link for more details from the USDA.


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