Michigan can add one more person to the list of people that were arrested for being a part of the Capitol Riot.

According to WOOD, Michigander Anthony Robert Williams of Southgate is now facing federal charges for allegedly storming the United States Capitol on January 6.

The FBI posted online that Williams is being charged with obstructing official proceedings, knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. If convicted, Williams will be looking at a lot of time behind bars.

Williams was pointed out to the FBI from a tipster that gave them Williams name and well as directing them to social media where he had posts including pictures of him inside to Capitol building during the riot. Williams appeared in the photos to be happy to be in the Capitol and to be a part of the riot.

One of the social media videos that Williams was in showed him saying this, "desperate times call for desperate measures." A second video that taken outside of the Capitol show Williams saying, "we took this (expletive) building."

The FBI also tracked Williams cell phone records that place him inside the Capitol on the very day of the riot.

Williams joins five other Michigan residents who are all looking at federal charges that tie them straight to the Capitol riot. Most of the people from Michigan arrested are from southeastern Michigan but one man is from the Upper Peninsula.

Its a sad day knowing some of our Michiganders have become homeland terrorists, but unfortunately there are many more that have not been arrested yet.

Trump supporters attempted to disrupt Congress in order to try and stop the Electoral College from doing their job and certify the election of now President Joe Biden. The worst part is that 5 people died in the process and one was a Capitol Police officer who was beaten to death. One rioter was shot by police when trying to enter the Senate floor.

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