Bad news, MORE winter weather is on the way Monday night. I know its February and that’s what should happen, but man, after last week, I’m done.

The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids is already warning of hazardous travel from Monday afternoon/evening through early Wednesday morning.

The better-ish news is that snow’s expected along and north of I-96 and more of a wintery mix the closer you go south to I-94.  Hopefully, we’ll see more snow because ice sucks for keeping power, but the National Weather Service is warning of strong winds and blowing snow, the worst being Tuesday night.  So I may have lied by having “better-ish” news.  Sorry.

If you’ve been contemplating blowing this Popsicle stand and going somewhere warm, I looked as I was writing this, and Allegiant has flights to Tampa tomorrow (Monday) and back on Thursday for around $250.  Just saying.  Good luck.  (#notanendorsement)


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