How come when people decide to be stupid, they can't avoid doing it on national television? And on game shows no less!

Falling down while chasing a runaway car is one thing, guessing the wrong puzzle THREE TIMES IN A ROW on "Wheel of Fortune" is another. Why America, why?

"After middle contestant Lindsey scores a “P,” revealing the “Landmark” category puzzle to be “THE P _ _ NTED DESERT,” she incorrectly guesses “The Pointed Desert.” Following that, participant James guesses, yep, the exact same phrase: “The Pointed Desert.”

Host Pat Sajak then explained that James still had more time to guess again, to which the confused contestant nervously muttered, “Oh I still have time?”

After saying nothing else — after again being prompted by Sajak — James uses that allocated clock to unconfidently specify that he’d like to solve the puzzle. He then guesses — yes, again — “The Pointed Desert,” bringing the number of attempts to solve the puzzle with that non-landmark to three.

“It’s not ‘The Pointed Desert,’ no matter how many times you say it,” Sajak shot back, to the noticeable delight of letter-turner Vanna White."

I just don't get it. I'm no brainiac, but come on! "Pointed Desert"????