Anthony Michael Hall will be appearing at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids February 7 to screen the John Hughes classic and engage in a Q and Q session.

Hall, who was a Saturday night Live cast member, also appeared in the '80s Hughes classics 'The Breakfast Club' and 'Weird Science'.

The February 7 event at the Wealthy is presented by Crofoot Entertainment and is officially entitled, Sixteen Candles: A Conversation with Anthony Michael Hall.

Tickets for the one time only event are $30 and are on sale now at the theater and at the Crofoot web site.

Here are some questions I have about '16 Candles':

  • What date was/is Samantha's birthday? It appears to be September, but she mentions that her tan has faded.
  • Did Ted (Hall) really cut a chunk of hair off the actress who played Caroline (Haviland Morris)? It looks like it was real.

How about you? Do you have any questions about '16 Candles'?

By the way -- here's what Hall looks like today.

Courtesy of Anthony Michael Hall
Courtesy of Anthony Michael Hall

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