This Michigan lighthouse is probably best for an introvert, as it's pretty far removed from civilization.

This Zillow listing shows a 19th century lighthouse for sale along the remote coast of Bete Gris Bay in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Known locally as the Mendota lighthouse, it was built in 1895.

The lighthouse masters quarters has over 1600 square feet of living space, and three spacious bedrooms, but only one bathroom. That's a dealbreaker for anyone who has over one child in their family.

Located along the remote shore of the bay, just south of Copper Harbor, this may be the place if you want to get away from it all. As in all people.

It's all yours if you can pony up the $495,000 price tag, which seems a little pricey considering the lighthouse has been deactivated and you can't fire up up the giant lamp even if you wanted to.

FYI -- This is one of my favorite places to go in the world. If you've never been been to Bete Gris, give it a go. The legend is that the sand there sings and moans when you press down on it, mimicking the mournful cries of an Native American woman who lost her love to the lake.

Check out some more photos of the lighthouse below.

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