I don't know if it will come to war or not, but Michigan and Indiana are beefing. But I have a great solution if they want it.

The Michigan-Indiana Border Problem Goes Back Centuries

When Michigan gained statehood back in 1837, our neighbor to the south had been a state for 21 years already, so when the state lines were drawn for the newly born Michigan, they weren't well defined.

"This is the only area of the state that still does not have a clearly outlined and properly surveyed border," said Sen Kim LaSata, R-Niles in a statement.

“The current borderline between Michigan and Indiana relies on survey information from the 1800s,” LaSata added.

"Borders with Ohio and Wisconsin have been revisited, so there is both precedent and a need for this project."

LaSata has proposed a bill that would form a commission in Michigan to meet with an Indiana commission to settle any disputes about the boundary between the two.

So What Disputes Are There?

According LaSata's statement there are some townships and counties where the law enforcement agencies are still unclear on what's Michigan and what's Indiana:

Unclear borderlines have left both states facing legal difficulties over the years. Things like traffic accidents and other crimes, along with property disputes that take place in areas that don’t clearly belong to one state or another make legal proceedings difficult as law enforcement and the courts are then tasked with determining which state’s laws are applicable.

No specific areas were mentioned, but if Indiana wants to give us Michigan City, we'll give them Niles and Sturgis, and we'll throw in Constantine and a draft pick to be named later. That way we get at least five miles of smooth road on I-94.

Here's my proposal:

Jojo via Google Maps
Jojo via Google Maps

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