From a fake Lions 'Hard Knocks' trailer, to a name change, to a fake trade that forced a company off Twitter, April Fools in Michigan online was an eventful one.

Woodward Sports Was Forced Off Twitter

A post that alleged the Detroit Lions used their second pick in the upcoming NFL draft to obtain disgruntled Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray didn't go well for the company.

The post forced Twitter to temporarily suspend their Twitter account for misinformation. It's a risk you run when playing gags these days on social media. Or was that another level to the joke? Hard to say anymore.

Speaking of the Lions, this fake trailer for the upcoming series "Hard Knocks", which will follow the team through their upcoming pre-season activities was well produced and pretty funny, and featured the joy that is irrepressible head coach Dan Campbell.

Other April Fools Jokes Included A School Changing Mascots And An Opossum Getting Hired

The University of Detroit-Mercy indicated they were changing their school nicknames from "Titans" to "Wreckers" to have more of a Motor City theme. It might have been more believable if they had better graphics to go with it. These appear to be from 1982.

Shelby Township Parks and Recreation said they hired a opossum to be their new social media director, which was cute, and not a bad idea.

Grand Rapids Parks And Rec Goes Into Space, Michigan Tech Gets Real

Meanwhile, here in Grand Rapids, the Parks and Recreation Department talked of developing park space on Mars. "We're excited about this innovative, historical moment in Grand Rapids Park history, " they exclaimed on Facebook, and linked to this web page revealing the joke by Rickrolling.

Michigan Tech took an interesting tact, inviting you to pick out the foolish fact from a list of facts that were all true about the school. Nicely played.

And last, but not least, the Parks Department in Livonia exploited a recent story about a kangaroo that popped up in near by Lapeer, to intimate that they were opening up a kangaroo refuge there. April Fools!

Have a great Friday, and doubt every weird story you read today.

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